Coldwatch Point

Dravanian hunters' lodge/ranger station


In former years, the millennia-old stone ruin out in the Dravanian Forelands was known as the roosting place of a troublesome and dangerous colony of aevis - driven from Sohm Al after the death of their master, Tioman, to wreak havoc in the country below.

More recently the colony has been cleared away and the stone reconstructed well enough to serve as a waystation for travelers venturing through the rough and wild country - traders on their way to Idyllshire, wayward hunters from Tailfeather or otherwise. A hint of civilization out in the Dravanian backcountry.

The site is quietly backed by the Ishgardian Republic as a border station under the writ of Temple Knight, Ser Tenacité Masasnoir.

It's well stocked with provisions, first aid supplies and a comfortable enough place to rest one’s head out of the open sky.

The following hooks are just story ideas that you're free to use for your own roleplay. A few ideas for Dravanian-themed adventure!

If you pick up an idea, I'd love to hear about it! Feel free to leave me a message in the guest book if you stop by!

A ragged band of bandits is robbing supply caravans out to Idyllshire for food and weapons. A wanted poster on the wall promises a reward to anyone with the means to stop them.
A dragonet has gotten lost and injured - a broken wing makes it difficult for it to fly home - and has taken shelter here. Aid the young creature and help it find its way back to Anyx Trine (though you will assuredly have to prove your good intent to the dragons who live there)
A renegade Temple Knight commander has taken his unit deep into Dravanian territory, where he schemes to build a private army and a private kingdom to rival the legendary King Thordan's. Though a single madman may command loyalty, ending his reign of terror may allow some of the knights and soldiers under his command to return to their worried families.
An ancient wyrm (one of Nidhogg's children and hostile to mankind) is said to make his lair near the base of Sohm Al and guards a historical artifact the scholars of the Scholasticate would love to acquire as they continue their important work of revising their own canon. Brave the dragon's territory and ware the minions he commands to retrieve it.
The Nonmind of Loth ast Vath have fighters among them, but are wary of the machinations of their more hostile brethren, the Gnath. Several of their number have recently gone missing and are suspected to have been kidnapped by a Gnath raiding party. They promise a supply of excellent goods and foodstuffs to an adventurer with the means to return them unharmed.
(5.5 and Endwalker Spoilers) - A pocket of Telephoroi soldiers is still loose in the countryside. Among them are a few stray wyverns from Anyx Trine caught up in the madness. They can be stopped by the sword, but healed by newly discovered means of cure. Which will you choose?


Location: Balmung. Goblet Ward 19. Sultana's Breath #82

Please feel free to use this space to add location or ambience to your own RP. You are not obligated to use the lore I've created for it unless you want to.

Have fun!